How much is my case worth?

Social Responsibility [I will
be editing this post going forward]:
In our civilized society, we owe one another good faith, fair dealings,
liberty, honesty, compassion, respect, and the agreement not to interfere in
each other's pursuit of happiness
1. Criminal
: We passed them because a small portion of us can't adhere to the
code above. If one of us violates one or more of the criminal laws that person
will have to make it right to all of us by paying money and giving that
person's liberty to an appropriate extent, to the state.
2. Contracts: We like them in this country
and want them to be adhered to by the contracting parties. If one of the
parties breaches the performances owed under the agreed upon terms of the
contract that person is going to have to pay money to the other party to make
up for the breach and to finalize the contract.
3. Torts:
The breach of the above duties owed one to another, most commonly, negligence.
The party in breach (the tortfeasor) of a duty owned to the person harmed by
the breach, has to pay money to the victim to make the victim whole.
From my window negligence is broken
down into: Simple negligence - a
mistake that hurt someone; gross
- a stupid act that no reasonable person would ever do; reckless negligence - an act that hurt
someone because of distraction –commanding a moving object that weighs several
tons demands focus ... texting, driving while not looking where the 2-45 tons
are moving, driving while mad and focused solely on yelling into a cellphone,
tailgating, switching lanes to try to get somewhere a minute faster, playing
chicken, trying to beat a red light, turning into on-coming traffic; wanton negligence - hurting someone
because the tortfeasor just doesn't give a damn and wanted to act like a wild
maniac; reckless with indifference to
the consequences negligence
-a devil may care. 
     The tortfeasor has to pay money to make the victim whole - completely
whole because the victim can't be restored to before the injury shape, has lost
part of their life, has been forced to do things that they did not want to like
take off work, go to the doctor, etcetera ... 
     If you think all lawyers know the foregoing and the many more intricate part of personal injury representation, think again.  TV lawyers assign cases to inexperienced, performance based and paid newbie lawyers, who settle cases for cents on the dollar to move on to newer cases. 
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