One More For The Road:||: Peachtree City

  Pratlaw states: Another giant corporations demonstrates that it is indeed nothing more than a paper legal entity and is devoid of morality in any shape or form. Some people need to smell the coffee. From this window I see nothing wrong with a soulless paper legal entity engaging in immoral conduct [THEY HAVE NO MORALITY, THEY ARE NOT HUMAN] but I see everything wrong with knuckleheads who want to try and tell me that a paper entity has a heart, a soul, is worthy of anthropomorphizing; and thinks that corporate use of cute babies, beauty, good music and soothing spokespersons to sell itself as some sort of real creature with a moral compass and our best interests at heart, a creature that I should feel a fondness for ~ is frankly at best baloney and let's be frank, personally I use a much more country cowboy, 'colorful' term for it. I say tax the hell out of corporations and "put them up wet".  If they threaten to move off shore pass some tariff laws that punishes 'traitor' paper soulless entities that leave for tax reasons and wants to then continue to conduct any business in this country. Plain and simple: Citizens thrive not corporate entities. Gordon Gecko was correct: Greed fuels corporate business and it should and is good.  Likewise, greed makes corporations pay for the marketplace the United States provides and is good for our country and is what fuels this citizen.